Robust Design

Modular (all-in-wheel) system.
Easy to install and replace.
Improves performance due to volume optimization and reduced electric losses.

Thermal Efficiency

Original integrated design.
Shorter and fewer electrical connections reduce losses and heat generation.

Electric Propulsion Systems

InForce Group is a leader in development of novel propulsion systems for variety of applications, including light electric vehicles, electric vehicles, wind generators, industrial applications, and linear electric generators.

Due to highest efficiency over the wide range of speed, IFG's revolutionary Adaptive Modular Drive electric propulsion system demonstrates range without recharge more than twice surpassing the competition, while still delivering higher torque and power in smaller and lighter package. Such remarkable performance is possible due to InForce proprietary processes separation technology (EcoPro), combined with embedded micro processor unit and unique hardware logic. At the same time, integrated modular propulsion system reduces cost, improves reliability and eases system integration.

First electric bike equipped with initial AMD prototype was tested at Sterling Go Cart Facility (Sterling, Virginia). The bike demonstrated range of 104 miles at 10 mph without battery recharging. With additional rear hub battery, the bike demonstrated 268.4 miles range, running non-stop for 27 hours by 5 riders. This result exceeds any Guinness book record for electric bike range! (Bicycle weight was 52 pounds; riders' weight was 150 - 160 pounds; two batteries delivered about 1KWh).