Specialized Services

  • 1Computer security solutions design
  • 2Managed Security Services (MSS)
  • 3Custom motors and generators design
  • 4Power grid real time embedded processing
  • 5Mobile communication system design

Customization Services

Our engineering team can design highly customized solutions for each client to tailor to his specific needs and requirements.

We deliver unique value to our customers combining proprietary technologies, know-how, unique system architecture, and best practices with full spectrum of project management and systems engineering services.

Intellectual property

  • Exclusive licensing
    By territory, by market segment, worldwide
  • Nonexclusive licensing
    By territory, by market segment, worldwide
  • Technology transfer
    IP development and rights transfer

Technology Development and Support Services

IFG provides technology development and support services to customers on the basis of development contracts, grants and periodic updates/upgrades