About Us

  • The InForce Group Team has over 20 years of experience in designing and developing electric propulsion systems, power electronics devices and hardware-based computer security systems. They are authors of inventions found in more than 30 patents and patent applications filed in the US and internationally. Among companies using such inventions are Ford Motors, Matra, Magna International, InZero Systems, Wavecrest, BlueWave, Tidal Force, Adaptive Motors, and others.

  • A Number of technologies and solutions based on our team s inventions have been evaluated, tested and validated by top US experts, including those from DARPA, Telos, ICSA Labs, SAVVIS Federal Systems, among others.

  • Combination of proprietary technologies, know-how, unique system architectures, and best practices with full spectrum of project management and systems engineering services provide unique value to our customers.

IT Security Services Division

InForce Group helps businesses to succeed by solving their most complex and sensitive security challenges, including securing complex data processing systems, safeguarding network infrastructure, providing compliance, and securing virtual and cloud environments. Deep knowledge and experience of InForce Group team provides unique and targeted solution tailored to specific customer needs. Combining embedded protection hardware and logic, encryption and key management, data loss prevention, pseudo-closed information systems design, InForce Group brings highest possible level of security for customers with high security needs.

We tackle some of the most challenging cyber security problems, including information protection and neutralizing external cyber attacks, developing robust hardware and software security technologies and creating custom security solutions for businesses with highest security needs.

Advanced Modular Drive Division

AMD division is focused on design and development of more efficient, better performing electric motors and generators. The basis of InForce Group's technology grew from a desire to significantly increase electric motor efficiency and performance. Dramatically improved efficiency of motors made it possible for the AMD design team to achieve unsurpassed performance, including world-record 268.4-mile run of electric bike without recharging. InForce Group's electric motor and electric generator technologies represent an important breakthrough for the motor and generator industry and an exciting development in the green technology field. Innovative approach to motor and generator design results in much greater efficiency over wider speed range, compared to existing motor and generators, while simultaneously delivering higher torque density, power density and better thermal characteristics.